The Ultimate Exercise Desk

Work out while you work.

Introducing the Exer-Desk

A fully-functional workspace.

And a versatile piece of exercise equipment. 

It transforms between desk and power rack in under 45 seconds.

What makes the Exer-Desk so special?

Working at desk

Most Home Exercise Products Aren’t Built with Practical Needs in Mind

Home pull-up bars rip up doors. Bands and bodyweight exercises don’t work as well as real gym equipment. Products designed to easily stow away are made from cheap materials. And they usually take up space and add to clutter.

Zero innovation.

Not the Exer-Desk.

The thick, gauge metal is the same used in gyms, so it can support hundreds of pounds. And the innovative design provides — literally — 100 different ways to work out.

Really? 100 Different Ways to Work Out?

That’s right. 

It’s a weight-lifting bench. Squat rack. Pull-up bar. The rounded metal posts that support the desktop even double as parallel bars. And those are just the beginning.

Which means you can achieve new personal records. Engage in high intensity interval training (HIIT). And try new WODS (work out of the day).

Exer-Desk is so versatile you’ll never need another piece of exercise equipment.

The Three Bar Heights Add 100’s of Different Functional Movements

The lowest height for barre, ballet, balancing, and stretching.

The middle for bench step-ups.

And the highest for pull-ups.

No weights required to get your perfect workout in.

Skip the Gym — Not the Workout

Going to the gym is awful. Waiting for the equipment you want. Commuting back and forth. And the germs…

According to a study from FitRated, gym equipment is teeming with nasty bacteria. Free weights alone were found to have 362 times more bacteria than a toilet seat!

Train from home with the Exer-Desk and you can cut your time in half.

If you work out several times a week, you’ll be getting hours back. Plus, no more sharing germs.

You’ll Look Good — And So Will Your Space

Let’s just be honest: most exercise equipment is ugly.

If you’re in a gym, this doesn’t matter. But at home…?

That’s why the Exer-Desk is made to fit right in with your decor.

With a modern design like what you’d find at West Elm, no one will ever know your desk can quickly transform into a fully functional piece of weight training equipment.

100 Ways to Work Out

What can you do on exercise equipment that doubles as a desk? A lot.

Exer-Desk is built for workout versatility and intensity.

So you can easily get in an intense workout from home.


Hanging Leg Raise.

Bench Press.


Bench Press.



Hip Thrust.


Hip Thrust.


Suspended Side Plank.

Clean and press. Chin-ups.

 Inverted rows.

Chest flys. Step-ups.

Knee tucks. Deadlifts.

And so much more…